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Testosterone: our best friend for a healthy life. How to help him to increase.

What is testosterone? Do you know?

It is the main male sex hormone but, don’t think that females haven’t it. There is even in the females body but, surely, in less quantity.

It is produced by female and male seminal equipment.

In the boys, the quantity of testosterone, starts to increase so much during the puberty and this is why we see, in the adolescences so much changes in so small time.

But, testosterone is a very important hormone even in the adult and in the old age because it is the main sexual hormone, as we told but not only for this; it is involved even in general health (as muscle mass, hair growth etc.) and vitality.

Sometimes, the levels are not enough so, even because around age 30 it starts to reduce always a bit,  it can be very important to find some natural ways to increase testosterone.

Let’s see what we can do to replace or increase testosterone levels to assure us a better quality of life.

First of all, in case of obesity or, however, to much fat, it is a must to reduce…
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Try To Understand How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High pressure problem is something that worries a large number of people all over the world but, above all, the country where the stress level, the pollution and the work level rhythms are very high. The problem is so common that you can find it in old and young people too and in certain case, is connected with high cholesterol level. Try to understand how to lower blood pressure naturally it is becoming, for these reasons, a very common thought.

But which are the main causes of high pressure?

It is very important to understand if we want to find a way to solve and prevent.

The factors that contribute to the high pressure are a lot; the most common are:
stresssmokingdietsedentary lifestylegenetic Usually, when doctors talk about this disturb, they call it “silent killer” because often there are no symptoms. For this, the only thing to do is to check regularly our blood pressure.

Instead, the most common risks are:
heart attackdiabetesvision lossWhat we can do, therefore?

If we look around, …

To Treat The Constipation Problems With Herbal Remedies: Nothing So Easy

Millions of people in the world suffer or have suffered at least once in their life of constipation problems. Constipation can be done for a lot of different causes and even underline some other and deeper problems.

We can talk about constipation when there are less than three bowel movements in the week.

Before to see which herbal remedies for constipation we can find, it is important to know that it can be treated (and prevent too) using some simple and easy suggestions.

In fact, the most common causes of constipation are the inactivity, a not well balanced diet, the usage of too much processed food, not easy to digest.

As it can be done by a not very correct lifestyle, before to call the doctor and, surely, before it becomes a chronicle problem, it is important to check if that the things we are eating and drinking are good for our bowel or if we need to change something.

To drink enough water is, for example and as usual, the first and important remedy for most part of the problems, …

Tips for Treating Thyroid Problems Naturally

Thyroid problems are almost frequent nowadays; according to some researches taken all over the world in the recent years, there are several millions of people suffering in it and a considerable number increases each year.

This well-known problem affects women and men but women more than men.

As usual when a problem is so diffused, the research of natural remedies becomes very active.
THYROID HERBAL REMEDIES are, maybe, not so much known but they can be very useful.

To choose the right ones, is, however, important to understand which kind of thyroid problem we are talking about and which are the most common causes and problems involved in.

We talk about Hypothyroidism when the thyroid works slowly or not in good way.

In this case, often we have the following symptoms:

Tiredness, depression and weight increase.

There is Hyperthyroidism instead, when the thyroid works too much and, in this case, we can have:

Irritability, problems to sleep, weakness.

But what is thyroid?

It is a gland presents in…

How to solve the terrible effect of cracked feet simply

A list of the best foot creams for dry cracked feet can be really useful when the well season come.

A lot of women, in fact, when the summer arrives, together with cellulite issues, think about to the cracked skin on their feet; especially when they have to put sandals.

The problem is really common and due to the dried skin, above all in the back part of the foot, the heel, but is not impossible to solve.

On the market there are a lot of creams and gels recommended for their efficacy against the dried cracked feet that can give to our skin the moisturizing needed.
The best foot creams for dry cracked feet join together emollient and exfoliant effects.

The exfoliant in fact, as first thing, removes the dead skin cells from our heels before to allow to the emollient to give nutrition and softness to the feet.

The best foot creams for dry cracked feet are made up by petrolatum, glycerine, aloe vera and Shea butter but, sometimes, they add even antioxidant and keratin protein.

In case of very …


Sometimes it can be happened even to us: we feel tired, we are absent and stressed but we can’t stop to work, we can’t go in a holiday to relax a bit and recover our efficiency and productivity.

So what we can do? Researches show that, to use some BRAIN SUPPLEMENTS can help to work better.

The University of Colorado, for example, studying schizophrenia, demonstrated that the babies born after their mothers were treated with supplements of Choline during the pregnancy, had double changes to respond negatively to the schizophrenia tests.

They also showed that, the choline treatment helped the babies with Dow’s Syndrome to learn better.

If we look around, we can find a lot of supplements for our brain; they can be sold in sachets, pills or even liquid, but try to see which are the BEST BRAIN SUPPLEMENTS we can find and which kind of help they can give to our brain or which problems can help to solve.

The first thing to see is if the brain supplement we are looking for, need a medical prescri…

Ways to Relieve Constipation Quickly and Naturally

Constipation has become a very common problem and most people think it to be a routine complaint. This condition is the result of modern lifestyle and the eating habits of the people. Some of the most common causes of constipation include junk food, smoking, improper diet, lack of exercise, overeating and alcohol abuse. People suffering from constipation often complain about bloating of the abdomen, uneasy feeling and inability to pass stool.  People try different products for getting rid of their constipation. Herbal remedies for constipation are safe and provide excellent results.

Herbs for constipation

Herbal remedies for constipation provide excellent results in a quick period of time. Moreover, herbal remedies do not produce any negative effects and may be taken regularly to normalize the bowel movements. Important herbs that are found to be effective for natural constipation relief are:

Flax seed: Flax seeds are rich source of fibre and helps in the natural treatment of constipati…